Monday, July 7, 2008

Digging In

Still digging into SPARK editorial letter revisions. I love working on SPARK because I get to play with more than one narrative voice, since the book alternates the POV's of Anne, Ethan, and to a lesser degree (currently becoming more than lesser), Anastasia. Took a few days to chase KC Sweet from Sweet Dreams and Andy Meyers (my darling boy Andy) of CUT BACK from my head. Honestly, I doubt they're really gone. And actually I'm pretty sure SPARK (soon to have a title change, btw) is stronger for them. SPARK is not only my debut novel, but the first novel length piece I'd ever written, so having marched my way through two other manuscripts in that waiting time between sale and revision is a good thing. Very good. But it's still been sweet to get back into this story. I suppose for me there will always be something exciting and pure about it - it was after all the first. And maybe other works may surpass it some day (which honestly is how I think this is all supposed to work; you're supposed to grow in your craft) but it will always be the first one - that part won't change. And as they say (whoever they are), you never forget your first.

And on that happy metaphor - (Yup, it turned into a metaphor, although imagine if you could go back to, um, other things and tinker around with the first time and make it really phenomenal rather than huh, it's all over, did I do this right?) - I shall get back to work.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

I miss you soooo much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too!