Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday tidbits

Still immersed in SPARK revisions. Don't see myself getting out of there any time soon. Have one more plot element to tidy up and then it should be smoother sailing. Crossing my fingers... and toes.

Prodigal son returneth this weekend for a friend's wedding. How he can already have friends who are getting married is freaking me out. But football buddy Kevin is 21 and tying the knot and registered for gifts at Pottery Barn. Last time I looked up he was cross dressing for the annual Homecoming pep rally where the senior guys all dress up like Homecoming Queen candidates. Now he'll walk down the aisle. (okay, in between he's gotten a college education and played some more football and fallen in love...) In any case, the kid is spending the weekend and I'm thrilled.

And finally this morning I'm getting jazzed up about SCBWI LA. I have never been. And I've never been to LA, either. Squeeee!!!

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how I feel - having a kiddo old enough to be getting married!! It's only freaking me out a little bit. :) Have fun in L.A.!!!!