Friday, July 11, 2008

Get a life!

Okay, I need to get one, too, but between revision land and mother in law rehab land (me: Can I run a vacuum in here for you. Her: No. Me: I can do it. Really. I do it at home all the time. (okay I was lying, but I know what one is and I can plug it in, I'm positive) Her: I'll have to think about it. Me: Think about what? Her: All of this is making my head hurt.), I don't have time for much these days.

But I did glance at the Houston Chronicle yesterday. Article on toxic gulf fish problem. Accompanied by pic of preggers lady in bikini fishing in Galveston Bay. I'm assuming their connection was that preggers woman better not eat any of that tainted fish. Whatever. Today, enormous follow up article because of the spate of outraged crazies who were horrified, not by the fact that the water is f-ing polluted but because the Chron had the nerve to print the photo and according to one letter, "I couldn't enjoy my breakfast." Seriously folks. Give me a break! (bangs head on computer a few dozen times) I mean really. You wouldn't have seen me standing in the Bay fishing in a two piece when I was 7 months pregnant. But you wouldn't have seen me fishing before then either. Or after for that matter. I don't fish. But I'm not offended to the point of losing my Crispix and blueberries over it. Where do these people think babies come from? And don't they know that the guy I just pushed my cart by in Walmart wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt and a gimme cap while he packed his basket with Blue Bunny icecream and beef jerky was let me say for the record, far more offensive than woman with child?

Til next time...

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