Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Instead of revising, I

  • got a free coffee for getting down to "Play that Funky Music" with the baristas (okay, they got down; i mostly watched, but they still gave me the gratis tall coffee)
  • put $ in the tip jar for the above
  • got my roots touched up so they are no longer screaming, "Color me!"
  • got a trim while we were at it
  • caught up on summer sex tips in Cosmo while the hair dye was doing its thing
  • ditto in Glamour
  • Mulled over the above
  • Flipped through fan mags and wondered about the whole A Rod and Madonna thing.
  • Wondered about it some more. Decided i just don't get it.
  • Am now back at computer, getting back to work, all coffeed up and with really pretty hair!

Til next time...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did you by chance see where summer went? I just looked up and noticed it is almost gone. SUCKS!!!! -Chatsy