Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two for Tuesday

1. Just finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I know I'm a little late in joining the wow parade on this one, but let me just say - WOW! Loved it. It's not a perfect book - I was pretty sure how it was going to end - but the getting there was amazing. Gruen's circus details are so specific and memorable as her Depression era setting. Jacob is a delightful and multi-faceted protagonist that I could root for and the minor characters are all fully developed. Started it on the trip to Portland, but it was more than just airplane reading. It was definitely something I'll page through again.
2. Getting the butterflies for SCBWI in LA. Will I bring the right clothes, meet the people I'm hoping to meet, find people I'm supposed to find, go to the workshops that are best for me, find people to hang with Thursday night even though I'm getting in well after everyone seems to be going to dinner... And most of all- will I finish these revisions before I have to pack?

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED Water for Elephants. I put off reading it for a long time - who knows why. Have a safe trip to LA - have lots of fun! I hope the earth does NOT move for you. :)